Applied arts

Bva in applied arts

The Applied Arts is application of design and decoration to everyday objects to make them aesthetically pleasing. Works of Applied Arts includes standard machine made products which have had a particular design applied to them. Applied Art programs prepare students to design application for art and convert ideas into visual images including drawing, layout and manipulating images for commercial and non-profit purposes. Applied Arts also focuses on Visual Identity of Brand (Logo and Symbol), Brand building- promotions, Media planning and positioning and Advertising.

In the first foundation year (common for all students) students learn the basics of visual arts. In second year students choose their discipline which they will specialize over the next three years.

2nd year focuses on basic design, positive-negative spacing, lay-outing and typography with summer internship of 3 weeks in printing press. 3rd year focuses on typography graphic design, advertising and reproduction process with summer internship of 6 weeks in advertising agency. 4th year focuses on research projects and professional practice. Core elective subjects like reproduction process, photography and screen printing are also acknowledged in all these consecutive years of Applied Arts.

Career option

Students interested in Applied Arts combine artistic vision with commercial need. Art designers produce images to sell, educate, entertain and use their vision to create works of art found in publications. Applied artists can work as graphic designer, visualizer, web-designer, communication designer, typographer, advertiser.