Bva in sculpture

The most long-lasting and arguably the greatest form of fine art known to man is sculpture. It is the branch of visual arts that operates in and dimensions sculpture has played major role in the evolution of western culture. Most people think of a sculpture is made out of a material as clay, marble, wood or bronze. However a sculpture can be made out of nearly any material, including paper, stone, wire, paint and found objects, and can include the use of audio tent, electronic machine or photography.

In the first foundation year (common for all students) students learn the basics of visual arts. In second year students who choose Sculpture discipline will specialize over the next three years.

2nd year focuses on drawing, composition, pottery and ceramics. 3rd year and 4th year focuses on drawing, composition with elective subjects like direct metal work, carving or assemblage in wood, mural, stone carving, metal casting, fiber casting, terracotta, fresco technique and photography.

Career option

As fine artists, Sculptors may join the arts field in a variety of jobs, including as sculpture artist, art dealer, mural artist, art director, studio artists, set designer, curator, etc.