Bva in painting

Painting is the fine art of creating visuals to convey emotions & ideas or to portray scenes and objects with a certain style painters manipulate color, shape and line to shape their works, they also utilize various mediums like water color, oil, acrylic, pencils, charcoal, pen and ink and other tools to create their art. This program provides students with a strong background in art history, writing and humanities, in addition to the technical & artistic skills required by the craft of painting.

In the first foundation year (common for all students) students learn the basics of visual arts. In second year students who choose Painting discipline will specialize over the next three years.

2nd year focuses on drawing, composition, life study, colors, tribal and folk art. 3rd year focuses on drawing, composition, life study in color and idea of visualization.4th year focuses on canvas painting, contemporary art and research projects. Core elective subjects like etching, lithography, wood cut, lino cut, photography, mural and pottery and ceramics are also acknowledged in all these consecutive years of Painting.

Career option

Painters can not only be Artists, but may choose careers such as art curators, art historians, freelance artists, art dealers, art directors, art teachers, set designer and Business entrepreneurs.